Indian Asaam Oud 10y aged, 3ml (code 155)

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An elusive Oud Oil

Year Launched- 2010, Batch N1

Notes- Oud Woody, Floral and very sweet notes

Region- Asaam India

Year of Distillation- 2010

Notes- Woody, Earthy and slightly bitter.

1. 100% Pure, Authentic and Natural.

2. Distilled by experts.

3. Checked by senior members of the Oud groups IN Asaam.

4. No added Fragrance, Colour or Chemicals

Oud Oil Benefits:

 Relaxation & deeper sleep.

 Excellent Aroma.

 Anti-asthmatic & anti-oxidant.

Size- 3ml Scent in a Scent Salim pouch, Stick and Roller included.


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