We are able to offer special prices to wholesale customers. We also provide private label.

  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Entire Scent Salim range is available. 
  • Take advantage of our close relationships with brands.

Scent Salim is one of the fastest growing Arabian Scent brands in the UK.

Scent Ambassador

NOTE- We are not taking any new distributors at this current time, do contact us in the near future.

Our franchise opportunity is a golden opportunity for people to take advantage of the Scent Salim brand.

This opportunity allows entrepreneurs to supplement their income with re-selling established Scent Salim products.

  • Great variety of Stock.
  • Digital Marketing and Business Development Training.
  • Access to the Scent Salim range at wholesale price.


  • Multi-Billion pound industry
  • Over 10 years experience in Oud and Scents, huge growth potential
  • Potential unique money making opportunity
  • 9/10 Franchises succeed
  • Regular training in Oud and Arabian Scents
  • Ongoing operational support and marketing assistance

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