Arabian Oud Shop in Leeds, UK, Online and Worldwide

Scent Salim, For more than ten years, one business alone has remained committed to bringing the scents of the world to our Arabian Oud shop in Yorkshire, UK. Now, with our award winning retail outlet, the city has never smelt so good. Oud by Scent Salim is the realisations of a dream come true.

Since we opened our Oud shop, our enthusiasts have collected hundreds of scents over the years, today selling over 1000 perfumes and luxury fragrances from the Leeds Arabian oud boutique.

With one of the biggest collections of Arabian Oud products in the world, the shop has 100s of exotic, romantic, introvert and contemporary creations, from some of the biggest names in the world. From the world-recognised King Fahad blend, Tom Ford, Creed to Scents by Salim’s own recognised brand, there is something for every customer and every pocket.

Customers have travelled from different countries and across the UK, to make appointments at our Oud store with Master perfumer Mr Salim. Customers from London, Jamaica, Dubai, Singapore and from many other countries have enjoyed many luxury perfume brands under one roof.

Amongst the famed brands stocked at our Oud Shop are Arabian Oud, ASQ, Ajmal, Clive Christian and Amouage, alongside unique scents from across the Middle East and Asia. As Arabian Oud products continue to grow in popularity across the world, the likes of Gucci, Tom Ford and Creed have even launched their own lines of the popular scents.

Today thousands of international customers have opted to use our Arabian Oud Shop to fill for all their fragrance needs, and with more scents introduced on a regular basis things can only get better.

For centuries, oud products have been cherished by people in the Eastern world, with exotic aromas and sumptuous fragrances drawing in all custom, from the man on the street to kings and sheikhs. Today, these international scents are available right here as Arabian Oud by Scent Salim continues to offer hundreds of olfactory products from their Leeds shop.

Established by head perfumer, Mr Salim, the Oud enthusiast has himself created countless scents in his time, and recently provided ouds to boxing superstar, Amir Khan, and the world-famous reciter of Egypt, Qari Ahmed Nuiana, Moulana Tariq Jamil and many footballers, Hollywood stars and the list goes on.

Just last month, a renowned Sheikh from London approved of Scent Salim’s exclusive ‘Prophet Oud Mix’ during a visit to the main Leeds store. Combining pure oud, musk and amber, the ingredients delightfully fuse together to create a heavenly scent which was so beautiful, the Sheikh ordered 500 bottles.

As Arabian Oud continues to grow in popularity across the West, it is companies such as Scent Salim who are driving forward the UK’s industry. Sourcing all their ingredients from distilleries in India, Cambodia, Thailand and around the world.

Scent Salim even has its own fragrance line, giving you even more chances to experience alluring scents via candles, bakhoor and pure Oud sticks. To see all these products and more, call in to Oud by Scent Salim in Leeds, or even make an appointment for a one-to-one scent smelling session. For Oud that will make you go ‘ooh’ in pleasure.